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Please scroll down to view the rules.

You must be 10 years old to play.

Please check out our Specials & Events page for additional Holiday Hours.


12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Airsoft Dates: 2019

April: 6th & 21st 

May: 4th & 19th

June: 1st & 16th

July: 6th & 21st

August: 3rd & 18th

September: 7th & 22nd

October: 5th & 20th

We will be hosting Airsoft Play the First Saturday and Third Sunday of Every Month through the SUMMER.

There is no WINTER walk-in airsoft play. If you would like to set up a PRIVATE AIRSOFT PARTY please contact us @ 262.363.9735 for details.

Admission $15

Bring your own equipment and BB’s allowed.  We do not rent airsoft equipment at this time.

BB’s Available, pricing depends on what we have

Barrel socks required – $5.00 purchase

Reservations anytime $150 + $50 private party fee

Includes play for up to 10 people, additional people $15.  Reservations subject to availability.

An airsoft waiver is required.

We added airsoft in the fall of 2010 with great results.  We have a dedicated group of airsofters that continues to grow.  If you would like to see anything added to our airsoft offerings please let us know.

Prices above include applicable sales tax.



Rules subject to change at any time.  Please note the rules in blue – they were either recently changed or are rules airsofters may not be used to.

General Rules

No alcohol to be used prior to or during play.

No littering.

No damage to field or any other person’s property.

No physical contact.

No foul language or name calling.

No theft of field or other people’s property.

Never shoot at wildlife or the Refs!

No climbing trees or any other item not designed for it.

Staging area

No shooting in any area that is not the playing field or chrono area (i.e. the parking lot, staging areas, driveways, etc).

No dry firing or adjusting hop-up in the staging area.

AEG’s and Bolt action rifles must be unloaded with no magazines inside the weapons and a clear breach when inside the staging area.  Pistols may be loaded but must remain in a holster at all times in the staging areas.

Barrel socks must be used on rifles and pistols must be in holsters in staging area.

Please put garbage in garbage cans.

Keep track of your equipment, we are not liable for lost items.

Staging between games is 10 minutes.  If you are not ready by then you have to wait for the next game.

Please refrain from filling your propane mags indoors, we ask that you step outside for the few seconds needed to do this.

No shooting into garbage cans.  Empty guns before leaving the field.

Gun setup

Outdoor speed under 450 fps for sniper rifles* and under 400 fps for electric rifles.

*sniper rifles must shoot at a distance of 100 feet or more.

Rules and load-outs are subject to changes based on special events, game size, etc…



Full facemask is required during any airsoft times that coincide with paintball times.

Anytime a full facemask is not required, goggles that seal fully around eyes are required and face protection is recommended.

Safety glasses and science/lab goggles do not qualify as proper airsoft eye protection.

Full masks are available in the shop.

Game Play

Games will start and end with the ref’s air horn or whistle.

Rambo rule:  if you sneak up on someone at less than 15 feet yell “Rambo” and they are out. This works for one person, not to eliminate a group.

Barrel socks must be put on before leaving the playing area and reentering the staging area.

Masks must stay on until you are in the staging area.

A hit is anywhere on a person or equipment that a BB hits, ricochets do not count.

Gun hits do not count as a kill, however if your weapon is hit you must call out “gun hit!” before you can continue playing. Holstered or slung weapons that are hit count as a kill, i.e. only the weapon currently in use is safe from being hit.

When you are out make it clear by saying “hit” and holding your gun over head.  A kill rag is recommended and should be held in the air or placed on a players head when they are eliminated and must remain there until they leave the playing area.

No blind fire, you must see your target.

No Overshooting, give players a chance to call “hit.”

Dead players do not talk.

If any players mask comes off or any injury occurs during a game, “game” will be called and play must stop immediately.

Games start and end with ref whistle.

No booby traps, trip wires, or any other objects may be used that can add risk of injury.

All specialty equipment i.e. claymores, grenades, booby traps, anti-tank weaponry must be approved by the staff before play.

Homemade specialty equipment is allowed but must be presented to and inspected by a staff member before play.

Only cold burning smoke/sound devices may be used.

No Pyrotechnics.

Airsoft is a game of honesty and sportsmanship, please play fair and have fun!

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