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Group Rates Available for Groups of 8 or More With Reservation!


Birthday Parties * Bachelor Parties * Bachelorette Parties * Church Groups * Corporate Outings * School Teams * Clubs & more!

Reservations are required for the group pricing!  Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve –  72 hour advance notice required!  Subject to availability.  Please note during the winter months we only take reservations for one indoor private party at a time.  Outdoor private party reservations are also available.  We do not take reservations for groups of less than 8.

TIP: Please try to book your party well in advance. Most Saturdays are booked full at least 3 weeks in advance.

The cost is $35.00* per person which includes admission, basic rental, air, 500 paintballs and 3 hours of play.

*Add $5.00 to receive the Elite Package. Comes with upgraded mask*

*Add $15.00 to receive the Pro Package. Comes with upgraded gun and upgraded mask*

Private groups pay an additional $50.00** for the entire group, not person.  Private groups only play with and against the people in their group.

* This price is allocated as follows: $15 towards the purchase of paintballs (normally $18) and $20 towards admission, rental, and air (normally $25).

** Private groups only play with and against the people in their group, non-Private groups will be mixed in with other players.

***Paintball USA Passes are not applicable for ANY group private or non-private.

When comparing group rates make sure you consider how much paint is included and the cost to purchase additional paint.  If you find a group rate better than ours please let us know!

We will happily answer questions regarding the group rate via email or phone.


Attendance – Please keep us informed of any significant changes in your group’s size, especially increases as we can only guarantee rentals for the number of people in your reservation.  On the day of your event if your group has less than 8 people, but more than 6, you will still receive our group rate.  However, if you would like to remain private you will need to pay for at least 8 people.  If your group shows up with less than 6 people you will be charged $38.00 per person.   If your group is scheduled during after hours (non-regular hours) your group must pay for a minimum of 10 people ($350.00) plus the private party fee.

Large Groups  For group reservations of 30 or more people please call one week prior to your reservation and provide us with a more accurate head count.  Based on this final number you will be charged $5 for each missing person.  For your protection we provide a 10 person buffer.  For example if you give your final estimate as 35 people and arrive with 25 or more people there is no additional charge, but if you arrive with 24 people you will be charged $55 ($5 x 11 missing people).

Cancellation – We appreciate as much notice as possible if your group needs to cancel.  However, we require 48 hours notice for cancellation or there is a $50.00 cancellation fee.  For group reservations of 30 or more people we require one weeks notice for cancellation.  If insufficient notice is given there is a $300.00 cancellation fee.  We prefer cancellations be made by phone – during business hours please call (262)363-9735, after hours please call (262)391-3759.  We reserve the right to apply this fee towards your rescheduled date, if your group reschedules within a week.

Special note for indoor season – During the winter private groups that reserve to play OUTDOORS will be required to play outside regardless of the weather to remain private if we subsequently reserve another private party for indoors during their scheduled time.


  • For the quickest check in have the group organizer collect money and waivers from all group members ahead of time – this is not required, but it does save a lot of time.
  • Have your waivers filled out ahead of time; they are available on our website.
  • Show up as a group shortly before your start time – we will not begin checking your group in until the organizer and/or the majority of your group has arrived.
  • Please be on time as we may be unable to push your end time back because of other reservations.
  • Alcohol is NOT allowed prior to or during game play.
  • Bring gloves during the colder months
  • Wear long sleeves, pants and comfortable athletic shoes, these items are not required but will make your experience more enjoyable.


Q:  How long do we play?

A: Most groups play 2 to 3 hours.  When you reserve your party we will ask for a start and an end time.  Sometimes we may have to work around other parties that are already booked that may limit your time.

Tip: Try to reserve as early as possible – dates are first come, first serve.

Q:  How long does 500 paintballs last?

A: On average they will last 2 to 3 hours.  Of course some people will go through them much quicker; others can make them last all day.

Q:  Is the group rate less if I have my own equipment?

A:  No, it is the same price.  Players with their own equipment will still save money over regular pricing.

Tip:  If you don’t have a paintball marker of your own don’t borrow one.  If you haven’t used your paintball marker in awhile make sure it works and is cleaned and oiled before you come.  These are two common things we see that result in frustration for party members and in the end they usually just use a rental anyway.

Q:  Do you provide coveralls?

A:  Coveralls are not included in the group price. We do sell a variety of shirts, including our very popular Tiger Stripe Camouflage long sleeve. (Subject to Availability)

Tip:  Paintballs are designed to wash out and all of our paint is water soluble; we just recommend an older set of clothes.

Q:  What safety equipment is provided?

A:  We provide a paintball mask and a barrel sock on the paintball marker.

Tip:  If it is your first time playing wear a few layers of clothes, you can take layers off as you feel more comfortable.  Some people like to wear bandannas, hats or hooded sweatshirts for extra protection.

Q: Is alcohol allowed at the Siege.

A:  Sorry, alcohol and paintball just don’t mix.

Resource for planning the bachelor party:  simplythebestman.com

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