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WE HAVE MOVED!! New address below!

W224S10030 Big Bend Dr. Big Bend WI, 53103


Prices and brands subject to change without notice.  Listed pricing includes applicable sales tax.

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Paintball is for ages 10 and up.  A waiver is required for all players.

Admission (includes fills)                            $18.00

Admission does not include paintballs.  Paintballs are an additional cost.

Rental                                                                   $18.00

~ rental includes the paintball marker, mask, and air.  Rentals are subject to availability.

Basic Package                                                    $45.00

(Admission, Basic Gun, Basic Mask and 500 Paintballs)

Elite Package                                                      $50.00

(Admission, Basic Gun, Upgraded Mask, and 500 Paintballs)

Pro Package                                                        $60.00

(Admission, Upgraded Gun, Upgraded Mask, and 500 Paintballs)

Rental Compressed Air Tank                       $5.00

Rental Upgraded Thermal Mask                 $5.00

Rental Chest Protector                                    $5.00

All upgrades are subject to availability as quantities are limited

On Wednesdays and Fridays all paintball packages are $10.00 off.


Memberships                                                     $20.00 Per Month

Membership Benifits

  • Free Admission
  • $5.00 Basic Rental Equipment 
  • 10% off of Paintballs
  • Discounted entry fees for certain tournaments
  • Member Only email coupons/discounts sent occasionally throughout the year

Terms and Conditions: Members MUST use field paint at all times – if caught using non-field paint, the membership will be revoked on the spot with no refund. On designated Bring Your Own Paint (BYOP) days, members may pay full price admission and may bring their own paint if they have their own equipment.

Memberships are a monthly recurring fee of $20.00 on the 1st of every month. The Siege Paintball has the right to revoke memberships with no refund of any kind if the rules and policies are not followed. Siege Membership expires immediately after a single missed monthly payment. To cancel membership please email member@siegepb.com at least 15 days prior to the 1st of the month in which you would like to cancel for.

(Call Shop for Membership Details) 262.363.9735

Fills (for offsite use)

CO2  All Tank Sizes                            $3.00/per tank per fill

Compressed Air                                  $1.00 per 1000 PSI




The Siege is Field Paint Only!

See Specials & Events for exceptions.






GI Sportz 1 Field

$  18.00

$  31.00

$  44.00

$  55.00

Paint Prices and Options Subject to Availability


Here are a few reasons why we are field paint only:

1) We want you to have a good time.  In the past when we were BYOP we often had people show up with inferior paint purchased from mass distributors and they spent much of their time dealing with the frustrations of inferior paint.

2) We offer a variety of quality paints at competitive prices.  Quality paint breaks better on impact (not in your marker) and has less sting.  Poor quality paints can also cause staining.

3) Honestly, it’s how we stay in business.

!Players caught using non-field paint may be asked to leave and will not be provided a refund.!


Paintball Rules

  1. All players must have a valid and current waiver on file.  –No exceptions.
  2. A barrel bag/sock must be in place in all safe zones including shop area, parking lot, road to outdoor fields, and staging areas.
  3. Barrel bag/ sock shall only be removed in designated areas which include playing field and chrono area.
  4. Shooting and dry firing are only allowed in designated areas playing field and chrono area. No shooting or dry firing is allowed in safe areas which include the shop area, the staging area, parking lot, and road to outdoor fields.
  5. Masks must be put on before entering any area where shooting is permitted which includes playing field and chrono area.  Mask must stay on at all time while in these areas.  No exceptions.
  6. All Paintball markers velocity must be tested over the chrono before playing.  All markers must shoot a velocity less than 300fps outdoors and a velocity less than 260fps indoors.
  7. Wrist band is required to play, which will be received after paying admission at front desk.
  8. No alcohol is to be consumed prior to or while playing paintball.
  9. Throwing paint is not permitted in any area especially safety areas.
  10. All Refs calls are final.  Arguing will not be permitted.
  11. Rambo rule- if a player is within 10 feet of another player whose back is turned to them, the player with the advantage will proclaim Rambo and attempt to tag the other person.  Player with back turn will be eliminated.
  12. While playing a paintball game a player will be eliminated if they are struck by a paintball that breaks and leaves a mark (includes gun and any other object a player is carrying at the time).  If players is struck by a paintball that does not break or leave a mark, the player is  not eliminated.
  13. When a player is eliminated they are required to signal they are out and proceed to designated dead box or area designated by the ref.  Players must stay in this area until the game has concluded, with mask on at all times.
  14. Playing on (continuing to play with a known hit) and Wiping (continuing to play by removing a hit) are not allowed.
  15. Overshooting (continuing to shoot a player after they are eliminated) is not allowed.
  16. There is not crawling in tubes or climbing on and/or over bunkers.
  17. Do not shoot at lights, sky lights, ceiling, directly into the netting, animal life, eliminated players, and refs.
  18.   Customers are not allowed to enter any area designated for employees only this includes behind shop counter, job trailer, back rooms and other building that is not directly associated with The Siege Paintball, llc.
  19. Only employees are allowed to use fill stations to fill compressed air or CO2 tanks.
  20. The Siege paintball is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Any person who fails to follow any of these rules will be asked to leave the premises, and no refunds will be given.

About The Siege Paintball

The Siege is Wisconsin’s premier outdoor and indoor paintball facility, with all our fields at the same location. At the Siege we strive to provide the best prices and the best service possible - both for playing and on the latest paintball gear! We aim to please every type of paintballer – first-timers, recreational, tournament, scenario, individuals, groups, etc.

Now in our 17th year of providing great paintball experiences we are proud to also offer lasertag and airsoft.


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Siege Store

We carry a full line of gear, paint, and accessories! The ease of an online store with the support of a local store/field. Don’t see it on the site? Give us a call or email us and we’ll see if we can get it for you!

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